Volunteer Programme

So why should you volunteer for GTT?

We’re popular!

Greyton Transition Town attracts volunteers from all over the world.  We have welcomed Joseph from Santa Fe, Charles, George and James from the UK, Hanne from Denmark, Megan, Debs and Demi from South Africa, Mieke, Floortje,Jan-Henk and Willemijn from the Netherlands, Pazu and Clever from Brazil, Matt from Australia, Betty from China – and many, many more.

Its rewarding

Volunteering is an opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives and to the community in which they live.  Volunteers bring valuable skills and knowledge as well as a fresh look and renewed enthusiasm.  In exchange we aim to provide a stimulating and learning experience that inspires new ideas that our volunteers can take back to their own communities.

Improve job prospects and employability

For students, volunteering can enhance future employment prospects, for more mature volunteers the experience can provide a new impetus and fresh outlook at any stage of life.

To gain experience

Volunteering provides a chance to get experience in different fields and to discover new areas of interest.

Develop and gain training

Many of the volunteer projects include training opportunities and our volunteers have attended workshops on mindfulness, humane education, permaculture and grassroots activism.

Experience people diversity

Volunteering offers the chance to meet people from different communities and sectors of life.  Our volunteers have met with Parliament ministers, local government officials and true stars in communities throughout the Western Cape.

Builds links with organisations

Volunteering can help you build links with particular organisations like schools, NGOs and community organisations.

Have fun!

Volunteering brings people together from all over the world in a common cause and can be bonding, inspiring and great fun.

How to Volunteer

Contact Marshall Rinquest, to learn more: 0734861965 Email Marshall

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