What is Greyton Transition Town

We have formed transition in Greyton in response to the recognition that:

• Climate change and peak oil require urgent action.
• Life with less energy is inevitable. It is better to plan for it than to be taken by surprise.
• Industrial society has lost the resilience to be able to cope with energy shocks.
• We have to act together, now.
• Infinite growth within a finite system (such as planet Earth) is impossible.
• If we plan and act early enough, and use our creativity and cooperation to unleash the genius within our local communities, we can build a future that is far more fulfilling and enriching, more connected to and more gentle on the Earth, than the life we have today.
• The move away from oil dependency, from high-carbon living, is not a move away from something, but rather a push towards something.

Greyton Transition Town started mid 2011 when a group of local people met to consider the challenge of increasing fuel costs and the corresponding rise in the cost of living, particularly with regard to escalating food prices. We saw Transition as a means of inspiring the community of Greyton to come together to meet these challenges and to build a resilient, sustainable village in which everybody enjoys security from rising costs in fuel, food and other essentials. Greyton Transition Town is a registered NPO within South Africa, number 103944

Rob Hopkins, Author of The Transition Companion States:

“A push towards clean air, sunshine, beauty, rediscovering each other, community and celebration is a key shift in our perception.

The difference between change that feels like being torn away from something and change that feels like moving towards something is huge. This is the approach Transition takes.

It suggests that collective intentional transition could lead us to a far better place than where we are today. Who’s to say that the world we see today is the best we could ever do?”

IanMcCallumA poem by Dr Ian McCallum and for which he has kindly given his permission for us to reproduce below, really captures the emotive essence behind the principles and motivation of the Greyton Transition Town members and sponsors.

Ian McCallum is a medical doctor, Jungian psychologist, wilderness guide, and founder of the Wilderness Leadership School in the Cape of Good Hope. He is the author of the novel Thorns to Kilimanjaro and a poetry collection, Wild Gifts. In the 1970s he played fullback for Springbok, South Africa’s national union rugby team. Dr McCallum currently lives in Cape Town with his wife, Sharon.

EI-coverHave we forgotten
that wilderness is not a place
but a pattern of soul
where every tree, every bird and beast
is a soul maker?

Have we forgotten
that wilderness is not a place
but a moving feast of stars,
footprints, scales and beginnings?

Since when
did we become afraid of the night
and that only the bright stars count?
Or that our moon is not a moon
unless it is full?

By whose command
were the animals
through groping fingers,
one for each hand,
reduced to the big and little five?

Have we forgotten
that every creature is within us
carried by tides
of Earthly blood
and that we named them?

have we forgotten
that wilderness is not a place,
but a season
and the we are in its final hour?

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