The Greyton Saturday Morning Market

Sometimes people start projects that end up with a life of their own. Looking back we are sure that the originators of the famous Saturday market did not think of themselves as being especially sustainable in their approach, or even as transitional, most likely it simply seemed like a good idea.

Well Greyton has much to be grateful for from those founders and all the people who have put in their own work, effort and money over the following years, and GTT want to say a very big thank you for all that has preceded the GTT mission. For in doing such a fantastic job it has meant that people living and visiting Greyton understand the social, economic and sustainable benefits of buying locally made and produced foods and goods – because they get to experience it!

People gather around the market stalls from far and wide, to discuss events, catch up with friends and simply to find foods that many thought long gone. Positioned in the centre of the village it acts as a magnet all year, with the Rose festival and Christmas having larger than normal events.

A Summary of the Market History

The Greyton Saturday Morning Market was started by Lorraine Robinson, the librarian of the time, in the early 1980s. People would bring whatever vegetables they had and sell them.   Around 1985, the new Greyton Conservation Society took over the running of the market as a means of raising funds in the future for their work conserving the environment in and around Greyton. 

Initially funds needed to be raised to build the stands.  Derek Turner, who had just moved to the village at that time, was Chairman of Conservation and he had the first stand made.  His wife, Val, became responsible for the running of the market and is still a mainstay of the market today. 

Nearly thirty years later, thatched shading covers most of the stands and a wide range of mainly local and home made or home grown products are sold, as well as drinks and refreshments.

More Images

In the making of Greyton Saturday Market various photos have been taken over the years and Klaus Werhlin has compiled a number of these into a pictorial history of the market, for a touch of nostalgia and images of some of the motivational people involved why not visit Greyton Market Photo History Web Page

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