1st plastic-bag free town in SA featured on News24

Greyton’s Nicky Vernon speaks to Jennifer Sanasie about the progress of the transition within Greyton and the future.


Water and Plastic Bottles

In the 21st century, most people look to the oil and fossil fuel industry as the sector most likely to suffer compression of delivery and related economic stress. Yet water is the resource most under pressure. Whilst the two are inextricably linked through the manufacture of plastic bottles, (each bottle consumed uses approx 1/4 of the available content as oil in manufacture and supply)  most people are unaware of the financial, environmental and social costs being stored up for the future.

There is enough safe, clean drinking water for every person on this planet. But too many – one in nine people – lack access to clean water. Whilst in Greyton we have access to water, most will agree that its management, quality and storage are under performing.

Access to water has long been recognised as crucial to realising the most basic human rights, and in 2010, compelled by global advocates and government champions, the United Nations General Assembly affirmed the fundamental human right to water.

In 2008 a movie called Tapped, explored many of the issues relating to the environmental and human costs of using bottled water, whilst focusing on the USA experiences many of the discoveries and consequences are as relevant to us in Greyton and our surrounding communities as they are to the west.

Bottles cost – they cost in manufacture, transportation and disposal, whilst the variable water quality in Greyton encourages ‘safe’ drinking practice via the use of bottled water, the costs to our community of poor water quality are borne by all of us. GTT seeks to encourage water recycling and use of grey water, but also expects the local municipality to invest time and resources into improving our water quality, safety and storage. We need to work on these key aspects for the future of our community and safety of our food supply.

We have periods of water abundance followed by periods of water deprivation, better storage and multiple re-use of our water supply is an essential part of Transition management, but outside of the laudable aims is the shared demand for safe, efficient and well managed water to our homes and farms. Water extraction and use will continue to change, and our communities will feel the costs of these effects through rising charges and compression of quality, we need investment in infrastructure and education on how to best manage the limited water supply more effectively.

GTT support the intention and goals of the town manager to improve water delivery and quality, through better storage and reutilisation, then the desire and need for plastic bottles of water will decline, less waste will be generated and the costs to our community in terms of environmental and economic will decline.

AGM Date and Venue Announced For GTT

What:     GREYTON TRANSITION TOWN AGM              

When:    SATURDAY  2nd FEBRUARY  3.00 PM


Please join us at the Greyton Lodge for tea and cakes at 3.00 pm on Saturday 2nd February.  If you would like to bring your children we will have fun sustainable activities for them, under skilled supervision, so you can relax during the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting is:

(a)                Lively powerpoint presentation on the work of Greyton Transition Town during 2012  (20 mins)

(b)               The consideration of the Annual Financial Statements;

(c)                The election of members to serve on The Board for the following year;

(d)               Any other business

If you would like to add any agenda items then please contact Nicky as below.

Please reply to Nicky Vernon on 082 558 7752 or nicolavernon@kingsley.co.za. If you are bringing your children please let us know their ages so we can provide appropriate activities and refreshments.

Thank you to Greyton Lodge for giving us the use of their newly refurbished venue

Greyton Transition Town News

 Nicola Vernon Chairman of GTT announces the New Website and Logo

GTT has a new website thanks to the support of Michael Ash who has homes in in Greyton and near Totnes in Devon.  Totnes was the first ever Transition Town so Mike and his wife Leonie were delighted to see that Greyton has now become a Transition Town and they offered their full support.

Mike has sponsored the website, by purchasing the site and then working on it with his creative team in the UK, to create a truly professional and very engaging presence on the web for GTT.  We can’t find the words to thank him enough – we are overjoyed!

Mike has also built on the excellent work started by Angora van Doorn and Jeremy O’Regan to create a logo that compliments the website.  We are so grateful to the very creative people who have helped us, particularly Mike’s colleague, Amy, in the UK who has patiently received various amends, changes of mind, wavering and wondering from the GTT Board as we have struggled to find a logo which encapsulates Transition in Greyton.

We really feel that GTT is becoming a powerful force of emotion and action and welcome all existing and new supporters to attend our upcoming AGM to learn about our plans and progress and to see if GTT is a movement that you may like to support.


 Our second AGM will take place on Saturday 2nd February at 3 pm.  The new owners of the Greyton Lodge have graciously given us the free use of their facilities for our meeting so please join us for tea and cake, a presentation of our work over the year and our plans for the future.

To RSVP and for any further information about our activities please contact the Chairman, Nicky Vernon on 082 558 7752, nicolavernon@kingsley.co.za

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