eco bricks

I Eat Eco Bricks

I eat eco bricks

People in the world have been turning green with all their hard work combatting destructive human habits. One lesson we learnt a while ago is -we can’t throw everything away in one bin because waste things are made of different materials and therefore need to go back to their different origins.

South Africa is way over due to improve its waste management systems,with Greyton being no exception. As committed citizens and a small symbiotic community we must take things into our own hands.

If you don’t already know about Eco bricks- brought to Greyton by Joseph Stodgel and his Trash to Treasure festival, it is a simple technology of clean and dry plastic bottles stuffed with clean, dry non recyclables and used as bricks. Greyton Transition Town and the Red Cross are on the hunt for stuffed bottles to build the new youth centre in Hewelkroon.

Many people in Greyton have already taken ownership of the products they buy- separating their recyclables and eco bricking the non recyclables. Now all we need are collection bins and some initiative from people who are still sending their chemical leaching waste to the landfill.

After getting creative with some kids and tyres,we have created some eco brick eating bins that will be put around Greyton hungry for clean and dry plastic! Look out for the colourful tyre stacks and get stuffing!  We want as many bottles converted to these effcient eco bricks as you can manage to produce.

by: Candice Mostert

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