Greyton Housing 2030


This vision statement forms part of the Greyton in 2030 Vision: Greyton and surrounding communities’ housing and commercial buildings erected post-2012 are a showcase for green and eco-friendly construction.  New building designs focus on energy efficiency, water savings, indoor air quality, natural structures and edible gardens, while not sacrificing comfort and luxury.

Current key activities towards Greyton’s housing vision:


1. Building from Trash

Greyton has pioneered building with eco-bricks in South Africa.  Eco-crew children have created an outdoor classroom made of eco-bricks at the Green Park site.  Further community eco-brick buildings are being planned and we are building a collaboration with architect Ian Dommisse, who was inspired by our work with eco-bricks and has set up the national, award-winning Ecobrick Exchange.

2. The Abode

The Abode is an alternative to shack housing and one sample has been built behind the Ecolodge, sponsored by Kikkoman.  The response from the community to this compact, rain and fire proof building has been very favourable.  Negotiations are underway with Theewaterskloof Municipality for space and permissions as another fifty have been offered to Greyton via the Abode Foundation in the USA and the American TV programme Extreme Makeover.

3. Further Initiatives

Initiatives being rolled out are:

  • Retrofitting scheme to provide better insulation in existing houses
  • Lobbying for new builds to be green and energy efficient
  • Further construction of ‘trash’ community buildings.



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