Greyton Food 2030


This vision statement forms part of the Greyton in 2030 Vision: Greyton champions fair and transparent relationships between local farmers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. We help reconnect people with the food they eat so we value our food in ways that benefit the whole food supply chain. Our various initiatives involving locally-sourced products focus on the individual’s health and the environment’s sustainability.

Current key activities towards Greyton’s food vision:

Incredible Edible Greyton

Incredible, edible Greyton is a major GTT project, the public face of which is the weekly bring/buy/swop/exchange table on Wednesday mornings where farmers, small-holders and gardeners bring their surplus produce to sell or exchange. Two of the six local schools are selling surplus vegetables from their school gardens at the market, generating sufficient income for them to employ part-time gardeners.

GTT has created a medicinal herb garden for the Red Cross with dozens of herbs supplied by a sponsor in MacGregor.  Sponsorship has been received from Cape Agulhas Biodiversity Initiative to create a second medicinal herb garden attached to one of the six school gardens.  These gardens allow people who cannot afford prescription medicines to receive free, natural herbal medication. Red Cross workers are currently being trained in local remedies.

As well as the Wednesday market, local suppliers provide fresh, local and organically grown vegetables to Pure Cafe, Via’s and Searles restaurants as well as the OK supermarket.  GTT is working with local farmers, small holders and gardeners to foster collaboration so that a broader range of vegetables can be grown more efficiently in order to supply all Greyton’s needs.

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