Greyton Economics 2030


This vision statement forms part of the Greyton in 2030 Vision: Greyton’s GDP is equivalent to that of a small city, without negatively impacting the environment. Revenue is generated primarily through technology and information publishing; green workshops, events and retreats; and eco- and low-impact tourism. Money in our economy flows to sustainable activities, not unsustainable ones.

Current key activities towards Greyton’s economy vision:

This section of Greyton’s vision is a longer-term goal since we face a number of current challenges:

  • Limited public access to high-speed Internet access and computer terminals;
  • Lack of training in technology and information publishing (selling information internationally using websites)

Although no specific activities have commenced yet, we envision a future where every child completing high school is fully computer literate and able to contribute to the knowledge economy.  We will align our education programmes with the US’ Digital Youth Network and the UK’s Digital Youth Academy, which places youths in technology apprenticeships immediately after qualifying.

Simultaneously, the large number of professionals who retire to Greyton with a wealth of knowledge locked in their craniums will be encouraged (and shown how) to turn their passion and experience into sale-able information products.

Future projects to do with Greyton’s economy include:

  • Credit Union
  • Local Currency

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