Greyton Conservation 2030


This vision statement forms part of the Greyton in 2030 Vision: Greyton is surrounded by natural beauty.  We are dedicated to maintaining the community’s cleanliness and beauty. This includes streets, public places, commercial buildings and community gardens. Greyton is included in the top 10 towns in SA, as rated by SA Tourism.  We are referred to internationally as a shining example of sustainable community living in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Current key activities towards Greyton’s conservation vision:

GTT supports the work of Greyton Conservation Society (GCS) an organisation established to conserve the surrounding nature reserve, the fynbos and the fauna of the area. Pathways are created to ensure visitors and residents are able to enjoy the outstanding walks around the area without damage to the sensitive fynbos and renosterveld.  Monthly invasive alien tree hacks and litter clearing take place on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  GTT’s eco-crew have supported some of the alien hacks and periodically venture into the countryside to clean up waste.  Small billboards are being erected at places where fly-tipping regularly occurs featuring children cleaning up that particular part of our environment.  There has been a reduction in fly-tipping as a result.  

GTT is also working with GCS and a charity dedicated to saving Baboons.  Eco-crew members who have matriculated are being trained to observe baboon behaviour and to prevent any village invasions before they happen.

2. Trees

Two programmes are currently underway. GCS is establishing a regular indigenous tree planting programme launched in September 2012 as part of Arbor Month. As a result, most schools in Greyton and Genadendal now have an established tree planting programme.

At the same time GTT has launched its Airmiles Forest scheme, whereby residents and visitors to Greyton voluntarily donate one tree for each domestic air flight taken and two for each international flight. GTT will focus on edible trees (indigenous where possible but never invasive) and, thanks to a valued partnership with Greenpop, over 350 trees have been planted at various sites throughout Greyton, including Greyton Green Park.

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